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Good News Everyone!

The Neighborhood Revitalization team here at Habitat for Humanity of Horry County received the SC Association for Community Economic Development (SCACED) Community Garden Grant!

SCACED has partnered with the USDA to further the production of fruits and vegetables as an important source of fresh food and nutrition to communities lacking access to locally grown produce.

Exciting right!? This garden would not only provide free access to healthy foods, but would also increase sense of community and unity. For some of you, including myself, this would be the first-time planting or even working in a garden. Just imagine how you would feel after looking at what you have planted grow and multiply. The two words that come to mind for me, would be accomplished and empowered. I believe this would be the same feeling that you (residents) would feel. This would be such a great experience and something that you in fact can teach the next generation.

Now, you might have a garden (go you!), or you might already know about some community gardens in the area. You might be thinking: “Why do we need another garden”? My question to you would be “Why do we NOT need another garden?” The answer is very simple, we can always grow more food and feed more neighbors. The garden will be able to assist those in need, those not in need, and provide a sense of togetherness.

Here is the truth, this garden will only be successful if our community jumps in. It is meant to be by and for neighborhoods! If you have ever… EVER wanted to learn to grow food, or teach people to grow food – jump in! Let’s do this together. Let’s get to know our neighbors on a deeper level and co-create some delicious goodness together!

Are you ready to jump in? The next step would be to contact me, Danielle Lewis at (843) 999-1453 or email me at [email protected] to sign up.

If you have thoughts on a specific location please let me know. I challenge you to just think how awesome it would to be to work shoulder to shoulder, helping each other put delicious food on our tables.

This is your opportunity to GET INVOLVED now!

– Danielle Lewis, NR Coordinator

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