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Planning for the Future and Homeownership Go Hand-in-Hand


As children grow older, expenses can rise. Mr. and Mrs. Lopez** are planning for these increases as their two daughters, 6 and 8, continue to grow. Both daughters love gymnastics and hope to attend college one day. These goals are wonderful, but costly. 

Mr. Lopez is a school safety officer and makes $34,000 per year. Mrs. Lopez is a teacher’s aid and makes $23,000 per year. They currently pay $1,800 in rent for a 2-bedroom house in the Socastee area. Their neighborhood is safe and they have a great landlord. However, they know that expenses will increase as their daughters grow. Moreover, they would love the opportunity to own a home, rather than rent, before their daughters grow up and move out. 

Owning a home will be challenge with their family size and income, on the open market. However, they can still make an affordable monthly mortgage payment. So, the Lopez’s have a need for affordable housing and an ability to pay for it.

Families like the Lopez’s are great candidates for the homebuyer program. Both have great careers and graduated from a local technical college. The Habitat Homebuyer Program can provide them the hand-up they need to reach their goal of homeownership. 

Their willingness to partner with Habitat will be another requirement to qualify for the Habitat Homebuyer Program. But, their is no doubt that their determination to own a home will be enough to motivate them to put in the work and close on their home.  

Click here to learn more about applying for the Habitat Homebuyer Program in Horry County when applications become available again on September 1, 2023.  


** The family mentioned in this blog is fictional yet is representative of the types of families seeking homeownership who qualify for the Habitat Homebuyer Program, right here in Horry County. 


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