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Safe and Affordable Housing Impacts the Future of Young Families


A safe home is crucial to the growth and healthy development of children. 

Mr. and Mrs. Martin** know this better than anyone. Living in an increasingly unsafe neighborhood in Conway, the couple pays a lot to rent their 3-bedroom home. $2,500 per month to be exact. Their need for safer, affordable housing is evident.

He works in a local doctor’s office as a phlebotomist, making $31,000 per year. She is a childcare worker at a local daycare and makes $28,000 per year. They have three young children, ages 1, 7 and 9 (2 girls and a boy). With their combined income of $59,000 per year and family size, their monthly rent is 50% of their income, leaving little to be able to save for a home on the open market.

With the Habitat Homebuyer Program, the family will be able manage the $1,700 in closing costs they’ll need to purchase a home in a safer neighborhood with a much more affordable monthly mortgage payment. 

With their family size and income, the Martin’s have an ability to pay a monthly mortgage and qualify for the Habitat Homebuyer Program. Obtaining affordable housing will be key to finding a safer place for their family to call home. With a safer home, their children will flourish academically and physically.

Knowing that a safer future is ahead of them will provide them with the motivation and perseverance needed to have the willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Horry County – helping them reach their goal of homeownership. They’ll help build their future home, take monthly financial literacy classes, and even help out in the ReStore from time to time.

Click here to learn more about applying for the Habitat Homebuyer Program in Horry County when applications become available again on September 1, 2023.  

** The family mentioned in this blog is fictional yet is representative of the types of families seeking homeownership who qualify for the Habitat Homebuyer Program, right here in Horry County. 


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