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SCACED Opportunity SC Conference

scaced 2023

Homebuyer April Collier Represents Habitat for Humanity of Horry County at SCACED's Opportunity SC Conference

by Summer Bessent

At Habitat for Humanity of Horry County, we love to celebrate the success of our partner families. This month, Habitat homebuyer April Collier spoke at the Success Panel Luncheon at SCACED’s Opportunity SC 2023 conference.  

The Success Panel Luncheon featured first-hand testimonials from four individuals that have received services from SCACED member organizations in our area. April sat on stage in front of approximately 300 attendees and shared the story of her journey in Habitat’s Homebuyer program. Amongst those 300 were Habitat for Humanity of Horry County staff members who took every opportunity to cheer her on, showing their endless support, as we are all truly and deeply invested in changing the lives of our partner families and providing them all the tools they may need so that they may succeed as first-time homeowners. 

When it was April’s turn to speak, she shared that prior to being accepted into to the Habitat Homebuyer program, she was working three jobs to support her family, which includes her five children. With such a large family, there wasn’t quite enough room in her home. This is what ultimately led her to apply. April shared that she was initially apprehensive to apply because she had done so once before and unfortunately was not accepted during that application round, but she told herself, “I’m going to try again. If it’s for me, it will be for me.” Among dozens of applicants, April was chosen as one of the five to be accepted into the program during that round.  

April, a native of Green Sea, shared that the Green Sea community doesn’t have many services available to families that may need assistance. April wanted to bring something good to her community and be the first person in Green Sea to go through the program and purchase a Habitat home. By doing so, she knew that she would be able to provide for her children in a way that would have a lasting, positive impact on them and their futures.  

After the Success Panel Luncheon concluded, April and the Habitat for Humanity of Horry County staff members that were in attendance were approached by many, including SCACED’s very own President and CEO, Bernie Mazyck, who praised April for so openly sharing her story.  

Upon speaking to April after the conference, she was asked what it was like for her to speak in front of so many people. She said,  “It was a wonderful experience. I got to meet some wonderful people. I even got offered help to start one of my dream businesses. It felt great to share my story and brought out a lot of emotions. I hope one day I get to be able to be a vendor there or be a small business out there in the audience.”

All in all, Habitat for Humanity of Horry County could not be any prouder of April. She has diligently worked through the Homebuyer program, taking every opportunity to learn and take the necessary steps to better the life of her and her children. We know that as she moves forward into her journey of homeownership, she is going to continue to grow, thrive, and excel in everything she puts her mind to.  


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