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Donor Spotlight – Sara McDaniel


Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Sara McDaniel brought her strong sense of community and philanthropy to Myrtle Beach nearly six years ago. As the eldest of four siblings, Sara was raised in a Christian household where faith was not just a belief, but a practice demonstrated through daily actions. From a young age, she witnessed her parents actively combat social injustices, instilling in her a lifelong commitment to making a difference. 

Sara’s foundation in philanthropy has driven her to give back throughout her adult life. She has a deep-seated passion for serving the homeless and those facing housing insecurities. This dedication led her to join the Habitat for Humanity of Horry County Board in 2022, where she sought to serve her community in a more profound way. During her time on the board, Sara has devoted countless hours to providing leadership and guidance, aiding the organization in expanding its operations to support more families. 

One of Sara’s favorite initiatives is Habitat’s annual Women Build program. She enjoys the empowering aspect of the program and witnessing the transformative impact of homeownership on women’s lives. This year, Sara’s commitment to Women Build reached a new height. In 2024, she set aside funds specifically for a local organization that could make a significant impact. When she learned that CRG Homes was doubling donations to Women Build, Sara knew exactly where she wanted her contribution to go. 

Sara made a significant gift to Women Build 2024, bringing the total raised to $17,346.96. With this donation, Women Build is now just $2,653.04 away from reaching the full $20,000 match from CRG Homes, which will bring the total funds for Women Build 2024 to $40,000. 

When asked why she chose to donate to Women Build and Habitat for Humanity amidst so many worthy causes, Sara explained that she wanted her donation to remain local and to significantly impact the housing needs of Horry County residents. She also humorously noted, “I don’t know anywhere else they can take my money and double it, so it was an easy decision!” 

Sara McDaniel’s story is a testament to the power of community and the profound impact one individual can have. Thank you, Sara, for your unwavering support and for helping build a better future for the residents of Horry County. If you have not supported Women Build 2024 yet, join Sara and give today for big impacts!

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