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Bank of America Names Habitat for Humanity of Horry County as Neighborhood Champion


We are thrilled that last month, Bank of America announced Habitat for Humanity of Horry County as this year’s Neighborhood Champion. The Neighborhood Champions program supports the role strong nonprofit leaders play in advancing economic mobility, and is an extension of the bank’s signature philanthropic initiative, Neighborhood Builders®. As part of the program, Habitat will receive $50,000 in grant support and an opportunity for engagement in virtual leadership training delivered by experts in the nonprofit sector.

In a news release distributed by Bank of America, it was noted that “Habitat was selected as the 2020 Neighborhood Champion for their leadership in the community and their long-term vision in creating affordable housing in Horry County.” The grant will help to support the new Neighborhood Revitalization program set to officially launch in July of 2021. HFHHC is a longtime partner of Bank of America. The bank has has worked on builds, supported the children’s program, and provided other grant funding.

“As we consider many of the challenges that our communities are facing – from the health and humanitarian crisis brought on by the coronavirus to the need for progress on racial equality and economic opportunity – the Neighborhood Champions program is a relevant and timely initiative to support the communities we serve,” says Robin Agnew, Market President. “This program enables partners like Habitat to plan strategically for growth and long-term sustainability, and we look forward to seeing how this investment helps Habitat make even greater strides to address to eliminate substandard housing in Horry County, SC by establishing partnerships to build simple, decent and affordable housing and communities together.”

The Neighborhood Champions program is invitation-only. Local community leaders participated in a collaborative selection process when choosing the awardee.

“As we celebrate 30 years of partnership with deserving families throughout Horry County, we are looking forward to and excited about the years ahead. Our valued and now expanded relationship with Bank of America through Neighborhood Champions will serve as a catalyst for impacting even more lives in our community. Bank of America will play a significant role in our plan to expand our family partnerships, which includes the launch of our Neighborhood Revitalization initiative,” states HFHHC Executive Director, Jason Greene. “This initiative will allow us to transform the lives of many more families and empower our neighbors to transform some of the most historic neighborhoods in our county. Our goal is to help our neighbors redefine what thriving means to them, empower them to become champions of their neighborhoods’ future, and set their neighborhoods on a path to self-sustainment. In the transformative process, we also hope to preserve the wonderful culture and historical significance of their contribution to our community.”

Our valued and now expanded relationship with Bank of America through Neighborhood Champions will serve as a catalyst for impacting even more lives in our community.


HFHHC and Bank of America look forward to an even closer partnership in the coming year as the Neighborhood Revitalization initiative takes shape and further impact is made throughout the Horry County community, through the support of the Neighborhood Champion program.

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