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Re-Imagining Futrell Park

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Neighborhood Revitalization Partners with BTW Residents and the City of Myrtle Beach to Re-Imagine Futrell Park 

For more than a year, the Neighborhood Revitalization team has worked closely with the residents of the Booker T. Washington community in Myrtle Beach to improve the quality of life of their residents. Through this partnership, a shared dream surfaced to re-imagine Futrell Park as a place for intergenerational play and wellness. 

This initiative began with workshops focused on different generations who live near the park. The format of these gatherings created space for residents to explore a no-limits vision of the park that worked specifically for their generation. 

While a volunteer landscape architect was hard at work to combine all the generational visions into a single, cohesive design, the City and residents both realized that immediate action was needed to address the cleanliness and safety of the park. A park clean up, led by teens from the Boys and Girls Club of Myrtle Beach, was organized to address the park’s current state. The teens volunteered with the City of Myrtle Beach’s Parks & Recreation Department to clean up the pond at the park.

Next, through the partnership, the City of Myrtle Beach approved a new splash pad and bathrooms at the BTW community park. NR (Neighborhood Revitalization) Director Meagan Michal states that “the large water feature was approved by the Community Appearance Board during the committee’s meeting yesterday. The splash pad is the focal point of a larger renovation plan for the park, including improved parking, a checkers area, a walking path, and more.”  

With the approval of the splash pad, plans for new playground equipment were the natural next step. Neighborhood kids were asked to provide their feedback on the new playground design. Because, what a better way to decide than from the exact target audience? Feedback was also requested from adult residents and park neighbors.  

Kids are not the only residents who will experience the improvements of the park. Seniors and teens of BTW shared a desire for a Fitness Trail around the park. Feedback was collected and finalized plans are being made.  

According to the City of Myrtle Beach’s Facebook page on January 11, 2023, “The City of Myrtle Beach is expanding the vision at Futrell Park with a playground renovation. In addition to the planned splash pad, the current playground equipment will be demolished and replaced with an updated play area and surface.” 

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